Thankyou for your payment

After the 14 day trial, you will be charged the setup fee $149 (once only) plus $49/mth. You can cancel at any time and you are not locked into any fixed contract.

Watch out for your emails for some instructions on getting started.

We will create a fully functional loyalty program and a coupon for your business. You will be able to copy and edit any of the details yourself.

It may take a day or so for us to set up your trial and give you access to the Platform. It should only take about an hour for you to fully understand the program and show your staff what to do. There are plenty of video tutorials available PLUS you can also contact us by phone.

See video tutorials on how to use the Loyalty / Coupons Platform to attract new customers and encourage existing customers to visit more often.

Set your marketing on steroids and your message can go viral within your local community.

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