How To Edit the Design

  • We create the first design for your Loyalty Program and set up all the functionality and settings.
  • Then it’s easy for you to edit or copy.
  • You don’t need to worry about any complicated coding or options.
  • It is basically a set and forget system.

How Do Customers Sign Up to Your Loyalty Program

  • How do customers sign up
  • Publish your loyalty / coupon
  • Customers can install link on their Mobile Homescreen (just like an app)
  • Customers can Bookmark the link to the loyalty card or coupon
  • QR code image for easy load of loyalty or coupon to your customers phone

How To Reward Loyalty Stamps to Customers

  • How to add stamps from within your dashboard
  • How to add stamps from your customer’s mobile phone
  • How to change the pin code. Go to Redeem Settings in Loyalty

How Do Customers Add Your Loyalty Card to Their Smart Phone

  • How to download your loyalty program to your customers smart phone
  • Tap the button “Download to Homescreen”
  • Customers can also bookmark the link on their smartphone
  • You should show your customers how to do this

How To Send Email & SMS to Customers

  • Select COUPONS / Email Service
  • Select the loyalty or coupon that you would like to send messages
  • Filter down the customers that you messages to.
  • Enter the email subject and the message