Marketing Proposal

Gday Sean,

I have put together a comprehensive Marketing Plan which should get you noticed quickly. This includes some tactics which probably none of your competition have even heard of what is now possible on the internet.

Overall Business Concept

  • Create a business offering tours in outback Australia.
  • Work closely with resorts (Win/Win) and be paid as an independent tour guide.
  • Tour business to pay commissions for tour bookings.
  • Promote the business to Travel Agents and Tourism Boards.


Create Affiliate System for all resorts & Travel Agencies to do Tour bookings for their contacts.

  • Recommend 10% affiliate commission be offered.

Pay commission to resorts for tour bookings booked at resort site.

  • No commission to resorts if booking made direct on NeverNever website (with no affiliate link).
  • Resort uses affiliate link when making booking.

Pay commissions to Travel Agencies for tour bookings.

Referral Affiliate links are automatically tracked by the website and commissions are automatically calculated.

  • Affiliate commissions are payable 15th of the month following payment receipt.
  • Travel agents and resorts must use their affiliate link when booking online.
  • Phone call bookings need to be manually entered into the bookings system (with relevant affiliate details)

Accept accommodation bookings from the NeverNever website and receive a commission from Resorts.

Network with companies for travel to resorts or tour destination and hopefully get a commission for your bookings to them. Invite those companies to also join your affiliate program where you will pay them a commission for tour bookings.

Marketing Channels

  • Website
  • Google Business
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Wifi at Resorts
  • Press Releases

Marketing General

  • Travel Agencies around the world will be introduced to NeverNever Safari Tours via email.
  • Relationships will be established and managed by DS & SC.
  • Resorts in the local area will be advised of NeverNever Safari Tours and invited to participate.
  • Tourism Boards of various states in Aust will be advised of NeverNever Safari Tours and invited to participate.
  • Branded videos & Images
  • Regular posts on Website, GMB, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.
  • Wifi marketing
  • Request posts on various influential social media sites promoting the business.
  • World wide press releases
  • Monthly secret sauce to promote website to show prominently in Google Searches.
  • Tracking phone numbers recordings, redirections, messages, stats etc


  • Create an SEO optimized website with all the bells and whistles to generate conversions.
  • Set security for payment gateways and prevention of hackers.
  • Link website to social media accounts.
  • Link website to NT Tourism and others.
  • Tour Booking System.
  • Include an Affiliate System for customer bookings.
  • Include promotional videos.
  • Include VidPals for explainers and help with conversions.
  • Secure high speed hosting on Amazons servers.
  • Contact forms and integration with Autoresponders.
  • Regular blog posts with auto updates to social media accounts.
  • Optimise landing pages for external advertising from Facebook & Google Adwords.

Social Media Accounts

  • Setup and configure accounts for maximum exposure.
  • Auto posts from the website blog.
  • Images and videos need to be water-marked with logo.
  • SC to reply to comments on social media.
  • Monetize Social Media accounts when there are sufficient Followers & Views. DS to be paid 30% on Social media income.

YouTube Channel

  • All videos on the YouTube channel to be branded and watermarked.
  • DS to receive videos, modify and then upload to YouTube.
  • DS to post the YouTube link on Social Media with SC’s comment.
  • This is very important because when the YouTube channel is monetized, you can expect around $3000 per million views.

Wifi Marketing

  • Recommend local resorts to use your Social Wifi system.
  • Paid by the Resort, using the Resort’s Internet.
  • Installation fee does not include any additional wiring that may be required.
  • The Wifi router will plug into the existing internet connection.
  • A Booster may be required to get the signal to the rooms. (cost of an extra Access Point, payable by the Resort)
  • People will login using Facebook, Twitter or Linked-In profile.
  • On login to Wifi, people will be shown a message like: Wifi sponsored by [Resort] and Never Never Safari Tours.
  • People will then be invited Like, Comment & Checkin on Facebook Resort Page & also look at Never Never Safari Tours Facebook & website.
  • The monthly cost of Wifi is shared between Resort & Never Never Safari Tours. (Never Never’s share is not actually paid)
  • The Wifi will generate interest all over the world when ever anyone uses it. Friends will see that the wifi is used, checkin are done, comments made, pictures & photos uploaded etc.

See one of my videos about Wifi (Done in 2014. The video requires an update to adjust the maximum number of simultaneous users to 20 users   for a 20MBPS speed and about 5 users for a 5MBPS speed. The wifi system has improved since I created that video.


It is important to be consistent with branding and protect your copyright content. I did a proposal to Beau Greaves a couple of years ago. I told him that he could continue doing what he was doing, but in a slightly different manner, and in a different order. It would have required no extra work on his behalf. My fee was to be 25% of the income that I generated for him from internet properties. He chose not to do anything, which would have cost him at least $150k in lost potential profit over the past 2 years.

See a sample video, which includes a watermark and branding. This video was not published and and 100’s of people stole his content and got many millions of views and received many tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for themselves.

Standard Pricing

Timing of Cash Out
$1350 Payable on Commencement
$1350 Payable in 1 month, then $550/mth
Facebook  Advertising CPC paid direct to Facebook at end of month.
Google Adwords CPC paid direct to Google at end of month.
Commissions to DS due 15th of month following payment by client. (Delay 1st payment till after business commences)
Commissions to affiliates due 15th of month following payment by client. (Delay 1st payment till after business commences)

Notes to Pricing

  • The Accom booking system will not be setup until after Never Never has been running for a couple of months.
  • The Affiliate system will be set up just prior to commencement of business.
  • Travel Agents affiliate commissions will be payable 15th of following month of total Tour payments.
  • Tour Deposits to be collected.
  • Adwords paid advertising to commence after the business has some cash flow.
  • Facebook advertising required ASAP to start generating hype and sharing.
  • Email marketing to Travel Agents to commence when website is setup with tour bookings available.
  • The CRM System will be setup to keep track of clients, affiliates, travel agencies etc.

Website Security SSL Certificates
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Wifi Marketing
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Call Tracking
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Google Business
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Google Adwords
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