How to Increase Website Conversions Of Your Firstaid Training Business

It can cost a lot of money to get people to actually visit your website. So you should do everything possible to convert a website visitor into a paying client.

At 2Bmobi, we only work for one client per niche per area. That means that we will only help one Firstaid Training business in your area. If you want to capture a large proportion of the market share in your area, then give us a call for a quick chat.

Have a look at the First Aid Training Website below to see the following techniques in action. It’s easy to see why there is a conversion rate (web visitor to client) in excess of 50%.

Here’s a few ways to help with those conversions.

  • VidPal Avatars

    Inserting a VidPal Avatar to your website will help guide your website visitors towards the desired action that you would like them to take. It may be to phone now, make an online booking, or commence online theory.

    Video on a website helps to maintain attention, explains your business and keeps the website visitor on your website longer. Google looks at a statistic called Bounce Rate, which rates websites for relevance and worth. The longer people stay on your website, the more often Google will display your website in the search results.

    The Relevance Score in Adwords is affected and Google will probably charge less Cost per Click and present you ad more often.

    See some VidPals in action on a First Aid Training website.

    Click here to see the above Firstaid Training website live


  • Phone Call Tracking

    With Call Tracking you can start “Doing more of what is right, and doing less of what is wrong.”
    If you knew which of your actions have led to most success, wouldn’t you want to do more of the same?
    Call tracking identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing campaigns, so that you can increase your cash flow and profits.

  • Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews should be prominent on your website and it should be easy for your customers to leave a positive comment about the trainer and your business.

    The most important reviews are the ones on the Google My Business Listing.

    After successful completion of the firstaid training course, the certificate should be emailed to the client. It is at this point, you should request a review and direct the client back to your Reviews Page for them to leave a comment.

  • Google My Business Listing (Maps)

    The most important piece of real estate show casing your business is the Google Maps listing of search results.

    The maps listing only displays 3 businesses on the first page of search results. These listings stand out and will attract more clicks, especially when the 5 Star rating is shown.

    Getting in the 3-Pack is extremely competitive and can require a substantial amount of consistent effort by a professional marketer.


  • Online Theory Training

    online-theory-trainingWhere possible, the Online Theory Training should be conducted from your own website. Do not send your website visitors to another website to register for the online training.

    This also proves to Google that your business is relevant because of the length of time people stay on your site. Therefore you should get cheaper CPC in Adwords as well as higher rankings in the organic search results.


  • Google Adwords

    Are you advertising your Firstaid business to attract new clients?

    Possibly you are spending money on Google Adwords. so that your business is listed in the search results when people do a Google search for something like “first aid training course [city]”.

    Did you know that Adwords can get your business listed on the top of page one of a Google search.
    This is where you only pay for advertising when someone clicks on your ad. Otherwise known as Cost per Click or CPC.

    We manage our clients advertising campaigns. That way, you can continue working on your business, while we get on with the job of attracting new customers for you.

    There is a lot involved in properly managing an adwords campaign. There are lots of hidden tricks which actually save our customers a lot of money.

    For instance, you only want people who are actually interested in purchasing your products or services, to click on your add. It’s no good advertising to people outside of your immediate service area, because they won’t become a paying customer. Therefore, if they click on your ad, you are losing money.

    Then when someone clicks on your add, you want them to take the desired action, such as phoning you for an appointment, or to seek further information.

    We track the metrics and stats of your adds.

    For instance. It’s no good having lots of people viewing your ad, if they don’t click on it. Here we measure and improve the Click Through Rate, because Google actually charges you more, overall, for adds which people don’t click.

    Likewise, you don’t want lots of people clicking on your adds, if they are then not taking the desired action, such as phoning you.

    We measure the conversion rate of the advertising to get you the most cost effective leads possible.

    For example, if your average cost per click is say $5, and your average conversion rate to a phone call is say 20 percent. That means, for every 10 clicks, you get two phone calls, where you will hopefully convert them into a paying customer. Now, if you manage to convert say 50 percent of phone calls into paying customers. Based on that scenario, your average advertising cost per customer is $50.

    It’s not rocket science. A first aid trainer certainly doesn’t want to spend $50 to get a client. You will go broke very quickly, or at least you will be working for virtually nothing, after paying for rental of training venue, franchise fees, and other costs.

    We work closely with our clients, and generally expect at least a 500 percent return on investment. That is, for every $1 spent, you make $5 extra profit.

  • Online Bookings

    Do not make it mandatory for website visitors to book online. Give them the option to phone for a chat, to answer any questions and make a telephone booking.

    Automatically send emails confirming bookings, and include information about the course, such as time, place, what to bring, what to expect and so on. This email should also include details for payment, online learning, finding the USI and all relevant links.

    Also, give people the options for payment.
    * Cash or Credit Card payment on the day of the practical training and assessment
    * Payment by cheque
    * Online payment by PayPal or Credit Card.

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