Marketing Proposal

Gday Bernice,

I have put together a comprehensive Marketing Plan which should get you noticed quickly. This includes some tactics which probably none of your competition have even heard of what is now possible on the internet.

Overall Business Concept

  • Create a business offering bookkeeping services in Australia.



Marketing Channels

  • Website
  • Google Business
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Press Releases

Marketing General


  • Create an SEO optimized website with all the bells and whistles to generate conversions.
  • Set security for payment gateways and prevention of hackers.
  • Link website to social media accounts.
  • Include promotional videos.
  • Include VidPals for explainers and help with conversions.
  • Secure high speed hosting on Amazons servers.
  • Contact forms and integration with Autoresponders.
  • Regular blog posts with auto updates to social media accounts.
  • Optimise landing pages for external advertising from Facebook & Google Adwords.

Social Media Accounts

  • Setup and configure accounts for maximum exposure.
  • Auto posts from the website blog.
  • Images and videos need to be water-marked with logo.

YouTube Channel

  • All videos on the YouTube channel to be branded and watermarked.



It is important to be consistent with branding and protect your copyright content.

Standard Pricing

Timing of Cash Out
$1350 Payable on Commencement
$1350 Payable in 1 month, then $550/mth
Facebook  Advertising CPC paid direct to Facebook at end of month.
Google Adwords CPC paid direct to Google at end of month.

Notes to Pricing

  • Adwords paid advertising to commence after the business has some cash flow.
  • Facebook advertising required ASAP to start generating hype and sharing.
  • Email marketing to Accountants & Small Businesses to commence when website is setup.
  • The CRM System will be setup to keep track of clients, prospects, accountants etc.

Website Security SSL Certificates
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Call Tracking
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Google Business
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Google Adwords
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