Proposal to Property Investment Companies

“Get Property Investors Phoning You For Help And Advice”

Darryl Smith


I’m Darryl Smith from 2bMobi. We help businesses make more profits with the aid of intelligent marketing and software.

You can expect a very healthy, positive Return on Investment. All leads and conversions can be tracked, so you will always know that your marketing is working for you, and you can stop any ineffective marketing that is not working for you.


If you want your business to move to the next level, then you need your own marketing systems that can follow prospects right through the sales conversion process.

Get high quality exclusive leads, where the prospect has taken the first step and phoned the local sales consultant seeking more info. These are high quality HOT leads that will convert at a much greater rate than your existing leads.

2bMobi can create a Marketing System that will get your phone ringing with prospects wanting to know more about your products and services, and how you can help their business.

This proposal is based on a real Win / Win for all parties.

Your Business benefits, because the system will bring in more business. The sales consultants benefit from better quality leads and conversion systems, saving time on wasted appointments. The sales consultants can also receive an additional passive income from 2bMobi.  2bMobi benefits – and the cycle continues.

The more success you have, the more extras will be added to your marketing campaigns, so you will hopefully be able to dominate your local market.

Marketing System Overview For Each Individual Area

  1. Website
  2. Google My Business
  3. Advertising
  4. YouTube Channel
  5. Facebook
  6. Phone Tracking
  7. VidPals
  8. Video Creation
  9. Voice Drops
  10. Email Marketing
  11. Referral System

Each area is independent of other areas with different phone numbers, Google Pages, YouTube channels, Facebook Pages and linking structures.

Each area will hopefully eventually rank in Google searches for your services, which will drive even more incoming phone calls and email inquiries.

Each area is responsible for the leads that are generated into their system.

Click on the image below and then expand it out to see all the processes involved. Then scroll up or down.


All leads within the selected areas will be exclusive and will not be shared with any other Property Investments Business.

We will work very closely with Regional head office and the individual sales consultants.

There is a huge amount of work involved in setting up this customised Marketing System and results will gradually improve over time.

A minimum commitment of 3 months is required and you can cancel the campaign at any time after that, however I don’t expect that anyone would ever want to cancel, because the results will speak for themselves, and is all traceable.

The more success the campaign has, the more extras will be added to further help the marketing.


$1000per month per area

  • ‌‌‌Supply of Exclusive Leads
  • ‌‌Marketing System for each area includes
  • Separate SEO Optimised Web Pages
  • Separate SEO Optimised Google Business Pages
  • Separate External Advertising Management
  • Separate YouTube Channels
  • Separate Facebook Pages
  • Separate Phone Tracking Numbers
  • Separate VidPal Explainers
  • Separate Voice Drops Software
  • Separate Email Marketing Systems
  • Separate Referral Systems
  • No Lockin Contracts and can cancel at any time, after 3 months
  • All web properties remain the property of 2bMobi.