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    Discover The Secret Weapon That Explodes Your Business Almost Overnight

    Groundbreaking Technology Delivers Your Voicemail Directly To Your Prospects

    How Does It Work?

    Prospect2U is a very powerful tool that allows you to reach hundreds or thousands of prospects (businesses or individual consumers) quickly and easily. And let you only talk to the prospect who is interested enough in your offer – they pre-qualify themselves by calling YOU back.

    This powerful ground-breaking communication technology is called Voice Drop or Ringless Voicemail. It is able to deliver your voicemail message directly into the voicemail box of the mobile phone user… without ever ringing their phone.

    So it simply appears to be a missed call, with a voice mail message and a caller ID.

    The recipient then listens to your message, and if they are interested, they can call back via the caller ID associated with that message. Because it doesn’t ring the phone, and because their is no cost to the recipient, it is totally FTC and TCPA compliant.

    Amazing New Tool Can Trigger An Endless Stream Of Qualified Buyers Reaching Out To YOU


    Imagine being able to leave your own voicemail message for hundreds or thousands of prospects, without ever having to dial a single number and without ever bothering a single prospect. You can with the Voice Drop system with Prospect2U.


    Priced within reach of every business, large or small, and even individuals who are just starting out. Everyone can afford this service and everyone can benefit from this service.


    Prospect2U can work with any phone list, even if there is a mix of landline and mobile phone numbers. This is because Prospect2U can recognize the difference and will quietly contact only the mobile phone numbers.

    FTC & TCPA Compliant

    Since your message goes directly to voicemail and is not a phone call answered by the other person, this system is fully compliant with governing agencies.



    Lets You Generate Pre-Qualified Leads On Auto-Pilot

    Never Cold Call Again

    No more cold calling. You quietly drop a voicemail message to hundreds or thousands of prospects and only the ones who are interested will call you back.

    Easy To Learn & Use

    Simple interface makes it easy to learn and use.

    Video & written tutorials are also included.

    5 Star Customer Support

    If or when you need help we are there for you.

    We have support staff available for you 24/7 because our customers span the globe.