1 Vid Pal

$200 SetupPlus $25/mth

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  • Includes revisions of text to speech fine tuning to make the sound right for you.
  • Maximum length 2 minutes (approx 2000 characters of text)
  • Turn Auto Play On / Off
  • Play once only per site visit On / Off
  • Install on every page or specific pages
  • Can be installed on pages that you don’t even own.
  • Can supply your own voice over mp3 file
  • Can supply your own video mp4 file
  • Future script changes plus $25 with no additional setup fee.

mp4 Commercial Video

$250 SetupNo monthly fees

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  • Requires a Vid Pal previously purchased.
  • Create a mp4 of the Vid Pal with a transparent background.
  • Create a custom video for the client.
  • Include background images, text or videos supplied by the client.
  • Can include a customer’s watermark if requested.
  • You can upload your video to your website or social media.

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