Call Tracking

2-call-tracking-264x150Generate more income by tracking your incoming call results. Know who is calling and how they discovered you.

Make more money by identifying the marketing channels that make your phone ring.

Measure the phone calls you receive from your offline marketing efforts, including direct mail, newspaper, radio, TV, printed brochures, direct mail, email, YouTube, Google Places, Facebook, billboards and Website.

Prove and Improve Marketing ROI with Call Tracking and Analytics.

Without call tracking, you are just wasting your money on advertising. You have no idea where the calls are coming from, and you have no idea how each form of advertising is working for you.

Why spend thousands of advertising in Yellow Pages, local newspapers, magazines etc if you don’t even know what works.

Call tracking and analytics can save and/or make a lot more money for your business, because you can stop the wasted money on what’s not working.

If you can’t track phone leads back to their source to see what’s working, your marketing and sales will suffer.

The bottom line is that you are now able to accurately see how well your advertising and marketing is working.“You are also able to set more sales and service appointments. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

Stop guessing where your phone leads are coming from. Use different tracking phone numbers for each of your online and offline marketing campaigns and know exactly where your calls are coming from.

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The Call Portal is packed with incredibly comprehensive features:

  • Blacklist Spam
  • Email Leads Filter
  • Call Analytics / Graphs Call Analytics
  • Email Tags
  • Call Leads
  • Call Leads Filter
  • Call Recording
  • Call Reports
  • Call Ring Tone
  • Call Tags
  • Call Tracking
  • Caller Address Lookup
  • Caller ID
  • Caller Location
  • Calls Leads Filter
  • Call Notifications
  • Call Routing
  • Calls Tracking
  • Company Online Account
  • CRM
  • Custom Greeting
  • Custom Pricing Calls/Email Leads
  • Custom Source Label
  • Custom Whisper

The Call Portal is packed with incredibly comprehensive features:

  • Day Analyzer
  • Detailed Call Log
  • Email Alert Calls
  • Emails Tracking
  • Greeting Message
  • Help Documentation
  • Instant Connect
  • Invoicing
  • IVR
  • Local and Toll Free numbers
  • Multi Ring
  • Multiple Country Phone Numbers
  • Open Hours Call Handling
  • Outbound Dialer
  • Reroute Phone Numbers
  • Ringtone Selection
  • Round Robin
  • Text Messages Alerts
  • Text Message Leads
  • Transcription of Recording
  • Unique Call Report
  • Voice Messages
  • Whisper
  • White Label
  • And More…

Frequently Asked Questions

The Call Portal lets you assign a unique phone number to each of your advertising campaigns so you can track in real time the effectiveness of each of your campaigns.

Whenever you create a new campaign, you can instantly obtain a new tracking phone number which you forward to your main phone number. When someone responds to your campaign and dials that tracking phone number, The Call Portal seamlessly forwards that call to your main number, so you can answer it like you usually do. In addition to forwarding the call to you, The Call Portal also gathers statistics which can help you maximize the effectiveness of your campaign. These statistics are always updated in real time, so you can check them online whenever you wish.

The Call Portal does not require any special training, equipment, or up-front investment.

Any business that utilizes online or offline advertising as a means to acquire phone call based sales leads can benefit from phone call tracking. In many verticals such as Dentistry, Law, Mortgage and Insurance, call tracking is absolutely essential because advertiser competition has driven the cost per click so high that the business must be able to justify paying such high costs per click. By tracking the calls generated, the costs to generate those calls, the number of customers generated by those calls, and the average sale per customer, businesses can know whether or not the typical cost to get a new customer is less than what the typical customer is worth to that business.

The only way to make a rational decision on the value of a click (web visitor) is by knowing beforehand the expectation of a conversion.

The answer to this question lies in the successful business person’s axiom of “Doing more of what is right and doing less of what is wrong.” If you knew  which of your actions lhave led to most success, wouldn’t you want to do more of the same? Call tracking identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your online campaigns in a complete and holistic manner.

Tracking Phone numbers are always available and ready for immediate use.

Yes! 1300, 1800, 888, 877, and 866 toll-free numbers are instantly available.

With The Call Portal, you can track as many numbers as your business needs or wants. There is a very small monthly fee for each phone number you add.

Yes, clients on the Business plan are able to create separate accounts for each company they work with. This allows a firm that manages marketing for multiple clients to offer separate, private logins for each client.

You can have as many destination phone numbers as you’d like. You can choose to route each tracking number to a different destination number, or you can choose to route multiple tracking numbers to the same destination number. The Call Portal gives you maximum flexibility to customize call tracking to your needs, or the needs  of your customers.